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     I find Wimbledon Carpet Cleaning to be very efficient and reliable company. The team is always on time to do my home cleaning and I'm pleased with the quality of their work.
Gabby Grey19/05/2020
     Great deep carpet cleaning service with Carpet Cleaners Wimbledon. Will recommend to everyone!
     I have never considered hiring a professional cleaning company. WimbledonCarpetCleaners changed my perspective and I give them 5 stars for their excellent cleaning services.
K. Houston01/06/2017
     Got to say that the whole team at WimbledonCarpetCleaners have been incredibly helpful with helping me to get my home clean. I don't pretend to be an expert in any regard, but I can keep the home clean. However, I'm not that great at the whole deep cleaning aspect so over time, things can become a bit grubby. That's when I gave them a call. In one day, they did pretty much all of the cleaning which I couldn't handle and which made a great big difference in the house. So thanks again to the whole team.
Julia Strickland07/01/2015
     Living in an apartment alone means that I have to take care of my own housework. I didn't want to spend all my free time cleaning and that is why I turned to WimbledonCarpetCleaners who are the best cleaning company around. They come to my apartment once a week and clean everything very meticulously including the bathroom, kitchen, the windows and the oven. They are very professional, wearing uniforms and turning up with a collection of cleaning materials to use, and the cleaners are friendly and helpful. They are also happy to spend more time cleaning specific areas by request.
     I have six sets of curtains in my home and they all need cleaning on a relatively regular basis. As I am getting on a bit I do not really have the energy to pull down all six sets and scrub them regularly and so I called WimbledonCarpetCleaners and asked them about the possibility of sending a professional to do the curtain cleaning for me. The person they sent was really nice and kind and cleaned the curtains really well and to the highest standard - it also did not cost too much so I was very, very happy!
     Moving out to a new house is so tiring, and with all the things that I still had to take care of I couldn't imagine cleaning out the house right before I relocated. But since end of tenancy cleaning was a part of my contract, I decided to hire WimbledonCarpetCleaners for the job. Their end of lease cleaning services are unmatched and the prices just cannot be beat. If you want a quick and affordable solution, give them a ring. They'll have the house sparkling in no time and will save you tonnes of money on your deposit!
     Being a professional writer who works from home, it goes without saying that my work environment has to look its best. But, larger workloads and strict deadlines leave very little time for house preservation! I had to hire a cleaning service, and WimbledonCarpetCleaners was the first one recommended to me. I've got to say; I can totally see why! I called them up, went to the library to continue my work for the day, and after I returned everything was spotless! My home felt properly fresh for the first time in months! Hiring them is now part of my weekly routine, and I have no regrets.
Lois Clark21/08/2014
     I needed a professional rug cleaner but I only have a modest budget to work with. I heard about WimbledonCarpetCleaners and thought that their rug cleaning service looked to be just what I needed. I called up for a price estimate and was very pleased with the quote given to me, and I was even more pleased with the job when it was done! My cleaner was very professional but was still friendly and not cold like some cleaners I've had in the past, and the job she did was flawless. Stains and dirt were gone and my rugs all looked as though I'd just bought them! Give this service a go if you need a rug cleaner!
Maureen R.08/07/2014
     I wanted my upholstery cleaning as I hadn't got enough funds to buy new replace furniture. I was moving to a new house and had to take the furniture with me for now. I was passed on the name and contact details of a company my brother recommended. WimbledonCarpetCleaners were great the office organised an appointment and gave me an estimated cost. The polite cleaning experts arrived on time with their cleaning tools and solutions and began their work. They explained the procedure and how they only used environmentally friendly products so the service was safe. The results were amazing the furniture looked so clean, it almost looks like new.
Katherine Stone12/06/2014
     Well done to the team from WimbledonCarpetCleaners. These people simply did a great job on cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. From my first chat with the friendly call centre, it all went like clockwork. I wanted just these specific areas blitzing in my flat, and thought that hiring a reputable company to do the job would provide the best results. It certainly worked, the team did a thorough and meticulous job and the end job was tremendous. The bathroom shone and smelt so fresh, and the kitchen literally gleamed hygienically clean. I would recommend anyone wanting any home cleaning service to hire these guys.
Harry Holmes26/05/2014
     I work fulltime and I'm also a single parent too so I have very little time to do anything other than work or attend to my son. I manage to do regular everyday jobs at home but rarely find the time to do a thorough job of the cleaning and I end up feeling really depressed and down about it when I see that things need doing and that I don't have time to do it. That's when I went in search for some help and came across WimbledonCarpetCleaners. I thought, I have nothing to lose I may as well try them out! They have changed my life so much, I no longer have to worry about any of the cleaning and I'm so much more relaxed!
     Fantastic company and fantastic cleaners! I booked them for a quick blitz of the home because a couple of the kids have moved out and I haven't had a chance to really freshen up my home in a few years. It was a great decision because my home is a different place, I feel a different atmosphere now when I come home and it has been a great load off my mind. I have already recommended WimbledonCarpetCleaners to all of my family and friends, and a few of them have taken me up on the idea and have had great results.
Nicola B.08/04/2014
     Finding yourself a new cleaning company really doesn't have to be as hard as it might seem. I think I was just lucky, because the first company I called turned out to be WimbledonCarpetCleaners. I thought that this standard of service and these prices were the norm, but then I started getting talking to people about their own cleaning companies and the difference started to become obvious. When it comes to getting your house cleaned, find out just how much better it can be, and I definitely suggest hiring these guys for any and all of your cleaning needs.
     Getting a domestic cleaner round seems like a bit of an admission of failure in some ways, but given that I only need one because I'm so busy at work means that something must be going OK! WimbledonCarpetCleaners have been excellent so far, and I would happily recommend them to anyone. A decent set of people, delivering a great service that benefits all, for a really good price! Sounds like a decent deal to me!
Geoffrey Bailey05/03/2014
     The cleaning staff at WimbledonCarpetCleaners are knowledgeable and friendly. I hired them to provide custom upholstery cleaning to my fine fabrics such as my sofa and curtains. I needed a really professional service that knew how to clean non-traditional fabrics. They were able to complete the cleaning task without a problem. They knew exactly what cleaning agents to use and were able to get the job done in no time. WimbledonCarpetCleaners is a reliable and professional company and I recommend them for all your cleaning needs. Thanks for the great job!
Michelle P.18/02/2014
     I am so, so pleased I hired my house cleaners from WimbledonCarpetCleaners! They get my home cleaner than I've ever seen it before, and I've used other professional cleaning companies in the past. My cleaner uses some really good quality cleaning products and equipment which was a relief to see, and not only do I no longer see any dirt or muck in my house, but I don't ever see any nasty streak marks either! This is a cleaning service that's truly professional and you really won't be disappointed with them - I wasn't! Thanks for always doing a great job!

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